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Shoreline Management Plan

As the lead authority New Forest District Council have prepared the final North Solent SMP and supporting appendices on behalf of and in conjunction with the members of the North Solent SMP Client Steering Group. This was the only SMP nationally to be produced in-house by a local authority.

North Solent Shoreline Management Plan.

North Solent SMP Summary Booklet Dec 2010 (PDF) [2MB] [2Mb](Opens in a new window) can be viewed and downloaded (2.3Mb).

North Solent SMP IROPI decision confirmation (PDF) [95KB] [95kb](Opens in a new window) (0.1Mb) and the  EA final approval 070511 (PDF) [111KB] [111kb](Opens in a new window) are now available (0.1Mb).

The Post Adoption Statement (PDF) [18KB] [18kb](Opens in a new window) (0.02Mb), the  Statement to Defra on the role of the Southern Regional Habitat Creation Programme and the North Solent SMP's compliance with the Habitat Regulations (PDF) [2MB] [141kb](Opens in a new window) (0.1Mb) and the SEA Statement of Environmental Particulars (PDF) [206KB] [206kb](Opens in a new window) (0.2Mb) are also now available.

The North Solent Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) is the first revision to the Western Solent and Southampton Water SMP and the East Solent and Harbours SMP. The coastline covered by the Plan extends between Selsey Bill, in the east, and Hurst Spit, in the west, and includes Portsmouth, Langstone and Chichester Harbours.

North Solent SMP Study Area 

North Solent Map

SMPs aim to balance the management of coastal flooding and erosion risks, with natural processes, and the consequences of climate change. Due to the current legislative and funding arrangements, climate change and environmental considerations, it may not be possible to protect, or continue to defend land or property from flooding or erosion.

The North Solent SMP takes account of natural coastal processes, existing defences, and the natural and built environments and is compatible with adjacent coastal areas.

Many thanks for all your responses to the draft North Solent Shoreline Management Plan public consultation.

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