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SMP tasks

The information on this page is taken from Defra's Shoreline Management Plan guidance Volume 1: Aims and Requirements and Volume 2: Procedures, March 2006.
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Stage 1 Scope the SMP (December 2006 to May 2007 (initial stakeholder responses received June and July 2007)


Initiate SMP

Agree Client Steering Group membership

Decide approach to produce SMP

Decide scope of work to produce the SMP

SMP Definition

Confirm SMP and study boundaries

Identify any outstanding study requirements for the SMP

Agree form of SMP

Define Stakeholder Engagement

Define stakeholder engagement strategy

Identify stakeholders, status and details

Contact Elected Members

Consultation tasks

Contact stakeholders and inform them of SMP process

Seek info / data

Review defined issues

Objective setting

Policy Scenario definition

Preferred Policy Decision

Draft SMP Approval in principle

Draft SMP consultation

Agreement to changes to SMP

Feedback to consultees


Define public consultation strategy

Data Collation

Initiate data collection process and obtain data for the SMP; metadata

Data management

Initial review of data

Additional Investigations
(if required)

Determine estuary limits (if necessary)

Undertake any modelling/process analysis(if necessary)

Update defence information (if necessary)

Undertake Heritage Review (if necessary)

Stage 2 Assessments to Support Policy Development (August 2007 to September 2008)


Baseline Understanding of
Coastal Behaviour & Dynamics        

Assess coastal process and evolution

Assess coastal defences

Develop Baseline Scenarios
for 2025, 2055, 2105

'No active intervention' (NAI) assessment (defences no longer maintained and will fail)

'With present management' assessment (defences are maintained to provide existing level of protection)

Mapping of predicted shoreline change

Define Features, Benefits & Issues

Produce theme review and map spatial data

Identify key features and issues (relevant to flood and coastal defence)

Identify benefits provided by features

Define Objectives

Determine objectives (for policy development)

Review and agree issues and objectives

Identify Flood & Erosion Risks

Use NAI assessment to assess risks

Assess Objectives

Evaluate relative importance of objectives

Review and agree objective evaluation

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Stage 3 Policy Development (proposed October 2008 to December 2009)



Define Policy Scenarios

Identify key policy drivers

Identify potential policy options

Develop policy scenarios for assessment

Policy Scenario Assessment

Assess shoreline interactions and responses

Assess achievement of objectives

Preferred Scenario Identification

Review scenario testing to agree selection of proposed policies and Policy Units                                                           

Define Policy Units

Agree preferred policies

Confirm Preferred Policy Scenarios

Sensitivity testing

Economic assessment

Gain Approval in Principle to proceed to consultation

Consult Elected Council Members

Draft SMP Document Preparation

Draft SMP document

SMP appendix preparation

Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment

Draft Appropriate Assessment

Draft Water Framework Directive Assessment

Confirm Consultation Strategy

Identify consultation method
Define consultation response management

Prepare Materials

Produce SMP draft document/s for consultation
Prepare any additional materials

Stage 4 Public Examination (proposed January to March 2010)


Public Consultation

Conduct consultation activities

Collate consultee responses

Assess consultation responses               

Stage 5 Finalise Plan (April to July 2010)


Determine Revisions to Draft SMP

Determine extent and impact of any changes required

Get agreement to changes

Prepare Consultation Report

Feedback to consultees

Develop Action Plan

Review policy statements to identify where and when works are expected

Develop a prioritised programme of Strategies
and an outline of potential future schemes

Establish any actions that will be required to resolve uncertainties

Establish any actions that may be necessary to deal with consequences of plan

Finalise SMP

Finalise SMP documents, including Appropriate Assessment,
Strategic Environmental Assessment, Water Framework Directive Assessment

Adoption of the SMP

Link to Planning

Populate national SMP summary database

Submit adopted plan to Environment Agency for agreement

Stage 6 Plan Dissemination (August 2010)


Publicise SMP

Make the SMP accessible

Publicise SMP completion.

Implementation of SMP    

Implement action plan programme of identified studies           

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