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Appendix F - Initial Policy Appraisal and Scenario Development

Identification and consideration of generic and acceptable policy options for each frontage and their combination into 'scenarios' for process assessment.

The Defra SMP guidance approach recommends developing a sustainable final plan through the assessment of policy scenarios, rather than considering locations in isolation. Accordingly, the aim of this stage is to identify the appropriate combinations of policies to be appraised for the whole SMP frontage by the:

  • Identification of 'key policy drivers' (Appendix E Issues and Objectives Evaluation)
  • Identification of potential policy options (through the broad-level appraisal of the four generic Defra policy descriptors)
  • Development of policy scenarios for assessment

It should be noted that the first two tasks have looked at individual locations in relative isolation, but wider-scale impacts of policies have been assessed during the policy scenario appraisal stage which has looked at the likely shoreline response and evolution both locally and along the SMP coast as a whole (Appendix G).

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