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Appendix A - SMP Development

Reports the history of SMP development, describing more fully the plan and policy decision-making process.

This appendix provides an overview of the SMP process described in more detail in the main SMP and additional Appendices listed below.

It also provides a general summary introducing SMPs, background to the North Solent shoreline and timetable of activities undertaken as part of the policy decision-making process


SMP Process

Reference to documents
Stage 1 SMP ScopeSMP boundariesMain SMP Report
 Stakeholder EngagementAppendix B
 Data CollectionAppendix I
Stage 2 Assessments to support policyBaseline understanding of coastal behaviour and dynamicsAppendix C
 Baseline scenarios for coastal processesAppendix C
 Theme review

Appendix D

 Definition of features, benefits and issuesAppendix E
 Issue and objective tablesAppendix E
 Definition of objectivesAppendix E
 Identification of flood and erosion risksAppendix C, D and E
 Assessment of ObjectivesAppendix E
Stage 3: Policy developmentDefinition of policy scenarios

Appendix F

 Policy scenario assessment: assessment of shoreline interaction and responseAppendix G Part 1
 Policy scenario assessment: assessment of achievement of objectivesAppendix G Part 2
 Objective-led policiesAppendix G Part 3
 Economic appraisalAppendix H
 Confirm proposed policy options and policy scenariosAppendix G4
 Draft SMP policiesMain SMP document
Stage 4: Public examinationApproval in principleAppendix B
 Consultation ReportAppendix B

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