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Structure of SMP

The recommended plan and policies presented in a SMP are the result of numerous studies, assessments and discussions performed over a period of time. To provide clarity for different readerships, the documentation to communicate and support the plan is provided in a number of parts.

The SMP is produced for the coast as a whole, considering issues beyond specific locations, and needs to be read in the context of the wider-scale issues and policy implications, and with reference to the supporting appendices. Following consultation, an Action Plan will be added to the SMP document, providing a programme for future activities which are required to progress the plan between now and its next review in 5 to 10 years time.

The SMP document provides the management plan for the next 100 years and the policies required for it to be implemented. This is intended for general readership and is the main tool for communicating intentions. The plan is presented in five parts:

  • Section 1 - details the principles, aims, structure and background to SMP development
  • Section 2 - details how the SMP meets the requirements of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).
  • Section 3 - presents the basis for development of the Plan, describing the concepts of sustainable policy and providing an understanding of the constraints and limitations on adopting certain policies.
  • Section 4 - presents the preferred Plan at high level for the SMP as a whole, discussing the rationale, implications, and requirements to manage change.
  • Section 5 - provides a series of statements for each of the coastal policy units that detail the location-specific policies proposed to implement the preferred Plan and the local implications of these policies.

The Supporting Appendices provide detailed and technical information to ensure clarity in the decision-making process and that the rationale behind the proposed policies is both transparent and auditable.

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