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Appendix D - Thematic Review

Identification and evaluation of significant environmental features (human, natural, historical and landscape) to be accommodated by the SMP.

A central element of the identification and assessment of objectives is the Theme Review, which forms part of the Assessments to Support Policy Development in the SMP review process. It identifies key features along the coast, evaluates their importance and significance to stakeholders, and how these need to be accommodated by the SMP. The review includes information and mapped spatial data on the following themes as outlined in Defra guidance:

  • Nature Environment  
                International, European, National and Local Nature Conservation Designations 
                Biodiversity Action Plans 
                Earth Heritage, etc.
  • Landscape   
                National, County and Local Character Areas 
                Designated Landscapes and Visual features
  • Historic Environment  
                Listed Buildings 
                Scheduled Ancient Monuments 
                Conservation Areas 
                Sites of Archaeological Interest and Potential 
                Protected Wreck Sites
                Submerged Landscapes, etc.
  • Current and future land use and planning

The information for the review has been taken from several sources including the first round of SMPs, Coastal Defence Strategies and data provided by members of the Client Steering Group and Stakeholders.

Information from the Theme Review will be used as a basis for developing policy options and assessing the implications and suitability of these options.

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