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Final North Solent SMP and Supporting Appendices

December 2010

New Forest District Council have prepared the final North Solent SMP and supporting appendices on behalf of and in conjunction with the members of the North Solent SMP Client Steering Group. The final North Solent SMP can be downloaded from here in manageable sections.  It will also be available to view at various council offices throughout the region.

Final SMP (all documents open in new window)

File Size
Final SMPSummary of the process of plan development, the technical, economic and environmental sustainability of the plan, and the implications of proposed policy options, Policy statements for each Policy Unit and Action Plan
 adobe icon Post Adoption Statement [18kb]0.02Mb

The supporting documents that provide the baseline data, assessments and appraisals throughout the SMP development process are listed below.

Appendix Aadobe icon SMP Development [159kb]0.1Mb
Appendix BStakeholder Engagement & Consultation Report0.8Mb
Appendix C

Baseline Process Understanding, including Coastal Processes Report, Defence Assessment, No Active Intervention (NAI) and With Present Management (WPM) assessments, Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Mapping and analysis

Appendix Dadobe icon Appendix D Theme Review including Annex maps [26Mb]26.8Mb
 adobe icon Appendix D Theme Review excluding Annex maps [455kb]0.5Mb
D3 Theme Mapsadobe icon International Nature Conservation Designations [9Mb]10.1Mb
 adobe icon National Nature Conservation Designations [5Mb]5.3Mb
 adobe icon Local Nature Conservation Designations [3Mb]3.5Mb
 adobe icon Landscape Designations [4Mb]5.1Mb
 adobe icon Statutory Designated Heritage Features [6Mb]6.1Mb
 adobe icon Local & Planning Designated Heritage Features [3Mb]3.8Mb
 adobe icon Non-Designated Heritage Features [4Mb]4.7Mb
Appendix Eadobe icon Issues and Objective Evaluation [2Mb]2.6Mb
Appendix Fadobe icon Initial Policy Appraisal and Scenario Development [1Mb]1.2Mb
Appendix Gadobe icon Policy Scenario Testing [2Mb]3.1Mb
Appendix Hadobe icon Economic Appraisal and Sensitivity Testing [1Mb]1.2Mb
Appendix Iadobe icon Metadatabase, GIS and Bibliography Database [163kb]0.1Mb
Appendix Jadobe icon Appropriate Assessment [5Mb]5.9Mb
Appendix Kadobe icon Strategic Environmental Assessment 4.3Mb

adobe icon SEA Addendum [591kb]


The requirement for the SEA Addendum follows review of the SMP and appendices by the national SMP Quality Review Group (QRG). QRG comments on the draft SMP required revisions to some sections of the SEA Environmental Report (ER). The Addendum provides the additional information and analysis requested by the QRP. It is important to note that this SEA Addendum has been based on the draft SMP prior to public consultation. The SEA regulations require that SEA ERs are consulted on widely to provide transparency of assessment and maximize SEA effectiveness. The original SEA ER was subject to a three-month public consultation alongside substantive SMP2 documentation. This SEA ER Addendum was subject to consultation for a period of three weeks targeted at the North Solent Environmental sub-group, statutory consultees and those stakeholders that provided comments on the original SEA ER.

 adobe icon SEA Statement of Environmental Particulars [206kb]0.2Mb
Appendix Ladobe icon Water Framework Directive Assessment [2Mb]2.9Mb
Other Supporting Documentsadobe icon North Solent SMP Wader and Wildfowl High Water and Terrestrial Habitat Use Workshop Report [785kb]0.8Mb
 adobe icon North Solent SMP Habitat Assessment Summary (Jon Cox Associates) [144kb]0.2Mb
 adobe icon SMP Guidance Note for landowners [41kb]0.04Mb
 adobe icon North Solent SMP - EA Statement regarding Private Defences [26kb]0.02Mb
 adobe icon North Solent SMP Coastal Erosion Risk Mapping - FAQs [28kb]0.03Mb
 adobe icon Habitat Creation Programme Summary for North Solent SMP [71kb]0.07Mb
 adobe icon Information Note for landowners, planners and developers on privately owned coastal defences and coastal planning issues [117kb]0.2Mb
 adobe icon North Solent SMP Summary Booklet Dec 2010 [2Mb]2.3Mb
 adobe icon North Solent SMP Appendix 20 [108kb]0.1Mb
 adobe icon North Solent SMP RHCP compliance with Habitats Regulations [141kb]0.1Mb

Consultation Report

A Quality Review Group (QRG) was established to undertake a review of all Shoreline Management Plans, during their development, against certain criteria. All queries raised from the QRG and Client steering Group were recorded in spreadsheets. Some queries and responses led to changes to the Shoreline Management Plan itself.

Glossary of Terms

Client Steering Group Contact Details