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Independent Environmental Advice & Summary Information

Given the complex nature of the Solent's network of European designated sites, and the supporting non-designated sites, the following work was undertaken by Jonathon Cox Associates (independent ecological consultant) to advise the North Solent SMP on the consequences of losing the function of the designated site (SACs, SPAs and RAMSAR). The work was divided into assessing the function of the site for the use by wader and wildfowl, and for the features and habitats present. This work has informed the North Solent SMP when appraising managed realignment opportunities.

Please refer to the

Wader and Wildfowl report

adobe icon Final_Wader and Wildfowl Report + Summary table_READ_ME [61kb],

adobe icon Final_Wader and Wildfowl Report + Summary table [350kb],

adobe icon NS_High_Tide_Roost_Brent [242kb],

adobe icon NS_High_Tide_Roost_Wader [188kb],

Removed excel spreadsheet - North Solent SMP policy units + wader assessment V2

Habitat assessment

adobe icon Final_Habitat_Assessment_matrix_V2_READ_ME [61kb],

Removed excel spreadsheet - Final_Habitat_Assessment_matrix_V2

Further explanations will be added to the following draft summary to explain how the Jon Cox Associates' work, Natural England advice and environmental sub-group, have been considered and incorporated into the policy appraisal process and assessments.

adobe icon Summary of Consideration of Potential Habitat Creation Sites [69kb],

For information, Natural England's adobe icon Managing Change at the Coast [90kb]