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Appendix C - Baseline Process Understanding

adobe icon Contents [18kb]

adobe icon C1 Coastal Processes Literature Review [4Mb]

adobe icon C2 Defence Assessment [7Mb]

adobe icon C3 NAI Scenario Assessment & C4 WPM Scenario Assessment [358kb]

adobe icon C5 Supporting information [3Mb]

Annex C5.1 Inter-tidal Maps

adobe icon Solent-wide [4Mb]  
adobe icon Pagham Harbour [2Mb]adobe icon Chichester Harbour [4Mb]adobe icon Langstone Harbour [3Mb]
adobe icon Portsmouth Harbour [2Mb]adobe icon Southampton Water [1Mb]adobe icon West Solent [2Mb]

Annex C5.2 Erosion Risk Maps

West Solent

adobe icon Hurst Spit to Lymington River [4Mb]adobe icon Elmers Court to Gull Island [5Mb]
adobe icon Beaulieu River [5Mb]adobe icon Inchmery to Calshot [4Mb]

Southampton Water

adobe icon Calshot to Hythe Marina [5Mb]adobe icon Hythe Marina to Redbridge [6Mb]
adobe icon Redbridge to Ocean Village [6Mb]adobe icon Ocean Village to Weston Point [8Mb]
adobe icon Weston Point to Badnam Creek [4Mb]adobe icon Badnam Creek to Hook Park [9Mb]

Portsmouth, Langstone & Chichester Harbours

adobe icon Portsmouth Harbour to A27 [8Mb]adobe icon A27 to M275 [8Mb]
adobe icon M275 to Farlington_Marshes [4Mb]adobe icon Farlington Marshes to Wickor Point [7Mb]
adobe icon Thorney Island to Nutbourne [3Mb]adobe icon Nutbourne to Dell Quay Road [7Mb]
adobe icon Dell Quay Road to East Head [6Mb] 

East Solent

adobe icon Hook Lake to Fort Haslar [7Mb]adobe icon Portsmouth Harbour to A27 [8Mb]
adobe icon Portsmouth Harbour to Langstone Harbour (open coast) [4Mb]adobe icon Sandy Point to Langstone Harbour (open coast) [3Mb]
adobe icon East Head to Selsey Bill [5Mb] 

Portsea Island

adobe icon Portsmouth Harbour to Langstone Harbour (open coast) [4Mb]adobe icon Portsmouth Harbour entrance to Tipner [2Mb]
adobe icon M275 to Langstone Harbour [9Mb] 

Hayling Island

adobe icon Sandy Point to Langstone Harbour (open coast) [3Mb]adobe icon Langstone Harbour to Chichester Harbour [8Mb]