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Planning in the Coastal Zone

Planning on the Coastal Zone

Date    Tuesday 17th March 2009
Time    09:30 - 13:00
Venue  National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

It is essential that the North Solent SMP is developed with full consideration and integration with Local Development Frameworks (LDFs) and other statutory plans. It is important for planning authorities, coastal managers, and private individuals to determine how planning influences and is influenced by future shoreline management policies.

This workshop event for Coastal Managers, Planners, Development Control Officers and Land Managers from the Client Steering Group organisations and other key authorities, has the following aims:-

Aims of Workshop

• Determine how planning influences and is influenced by future shoreline management policies

• Ensure that the SMP and the planning process are as integrated as possible

• Learn lessons from previous experiences of public consultations

• Determine policy and exceptions caveat for privately owned / undeveloped frontages

• Determine SMP format and additional information required for Planners

There are a number of key issues that have been identified through previous consultations and discussions, and by assessing the various case studies the representatives at the workshop will hope to answer and provide clarification.

  1. How will the non-statutory North Solent SMP and its coastal defence policies be integrated with LDFs, local and regional plans?
  2. What would be the format of the SMP that would be most beneficial / user friendly to planners?
  3. How will the areas at risk from tidal flooding and/or coastal erosion, identified through the SMP, influence existing and future development in these sites?
  4. What options are there for providing different planning rules per SMP epoch to account for erosion and flood risks vary over time?
  5. Are there (local) examples of time-limited planning permissions to account for increasing risk or future realignment requirements?
  6. Consideration of Private Defences
  7. How are planning applications for development or improvements to defences considered in undeveloped and/or undefended areas?
  8. What areas have been identified for future development through PUSH/other plans?
  9. In terms of policy drivers, what scale of importance should be given to agricultural land, former landfill sites, and amenity open space?
  10. How should the SMP's Appropriate Assessment consider in-combination effects of the Marine and Coastal Access Bill?
  11. What lessons have been learnt from public consultations for LDFs / Core Strategies that would be beneficial to the SMP's public consultation?