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Aims and Objectives of the SMP

Aim of SMP

SMPs aim to determine sustainable policies for management of the shoreline and to set a framework for the future management of erosion and flood risks along the coastline. 
An SMP considers the objectives, policies and management requirements for 3 epochs; (a) present day (0-20 years); (b) medium-term (20-50 years); and (c) long-term (50-100 years).

Objectives of SMP

The Objectives of an SMP are:

·To define the flooding and erosion risks to people, and the developed, historic and natural environments

·To identify the preferred policies for managing those risks

·To identify consequences of implementing the preferred policies

·To set out procedures for monitoring the effectiveness of the policies

·To inform others so future land use and coastal zone development can take account of the risks, the time frame of risks and the policies

·To comply with environmental legislation and social obligations