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Stakeholder Engagement & Consultation Report

adobe icon Appendix B Stakeholder Engagement including Full Consultation Report [8Mb] (8.6Mb)

adobe icon Appendix B Stakeholder Engagement excluding Full Consultation Report [919kb] (0.9Mb)

adobe icon Consultation Report (all sections) [3Mb] (4Mb)

adobe icon Consultation Strategy (Appendix B Section B.10.1) [154kb] (0.1Mb)

adobe icon Consultation Analysis (Appendix B Sections B10.2.1, 10.2.2 and 10.2.3) [175kb] (0.1Mb)

Consultation Responses

 Responses that resulted in a change to the final plan / policyResponses that did not result in a change to the final plan or policy
Solent regionadobe icon SMP region [134kb]adobe icon SMP region [157kb]
Per Local Authority areaadobe icon Chichester District [172kb]adobe icon Chichester District [168kb]
 adobe icon Havant Borough [267kb]adobe icon Havant Borough [156kb]
 adobe icon Portsmouth City [147kb]adobe icon Portsmouth City [145kb]
 adobe icon Gosport Borough [135kb]adobe icon Gosport Borough [142kb]
 adobe icon Fareham Borough [176kb]adobe icon Fareham Borough [208kb]
 adobe icon Eastleigh Borough [136kb]adobe icon Eastleigh Borough [156kb]
 adobe icon Southampton City [136kb]adobe icon Southampton City [139kb]
 adobe icon New Forest District [155kb]adobe icon New Forest District [201kb]

adobe icon Communications Group Materials (Appendix B Sections B10.3) [174kb] (0.1Mb)

advert posters and exhibition posters.

adobe icon North Solent SMP policies proposed for consultation and final policies [94kb] (0.01Mb)

adobe icon North Solent SMP Comparison of final SMP2 policies and SMP1 policies [131kb] (0.01Mb)

adobe icon Information Note to Landowners and planners on private defences and coastal planning issues [117kb] (0.1Mb)

adobe icon North Solent SMP Summary Booklet Dec 2010 [2Mb] (2.3Mb)