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Adoption of final SMP

docs icon Briefing report to assist adoption/endorsement process [8Mb]


docs icon Annex 1 Policy Units [1Mb]


docs icon Annex 2 Nature Conservation Designated Sites [3Mb]


docs icon Annex 3 Flood and Coastal Defence Details within North Solent region [1Mb]


docs icon Annex 4 Residual Flood Risk [1Mb]


docs icon Policy Statement text (revision1a) [1Mb]


docs icon Information note for landowners, planners & developers on privately owned coastal defences and coastal planning issues [222kb]


docs icon Summary of Approval Process [66kb]


It is also important to state that it is a Defra requirement that the SMP review is produced and there is no prospect of coast protection grant aid for the operating authorities without the final SMP being adopted/endorsed.

Policy Statement Maps:-.

adobe icon 4D27A [1Mb]

adobe icon 5A01 [1Mb]

adobe icon 5B01 [4Mb]

adobe icon 5C01 [1Mb]

adobe icon 5F01 [2Mb]

adobe icon 5API01 [4Mb]

adobe icon 5AHI01 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A02 [1Mb]

adobe icon 5B02 [1Mb]

adobe icon 5C02 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5API02 [1Mb]

adobe icon 5AHI02 [2Mb]


adobe icon 5A03 [1Mb]

adobe icon 5B03 [3Mb]

adobe icon 5C03 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5AHI03 [1Mb]

 adobe icon 5A04 [1Mb] 

adobe icon 5C04 [15Mb]


adobe icon 5AHI04 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A05 [3Mb]


adobe icon 5C05 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5AHI05 [6Mb]


adobe icon 5A06 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C06 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5AHI06 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A07 [2Mb]


adobe icon 5C07 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5AHI07 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A08 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C08 [931kb]


adobe icon 5AHI08 [2Mb]


adobe icon 5A09 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C09 [847kb]


adobe icon 5A10 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C10 [866kb]


adobe icon 5A11 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C11 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A12 [984kb]


adobe icon 5C12 [3Mb]


adobe icon 5A13 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C13 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A14 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C14 [3Mb]


adobe icon 5A15 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C15 [771kb]


adobe icon 5A16 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C16 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A17 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C17 [2Mb]


adobe icon 5A18 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C18 [1018kb]


adobe icon 5A19 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C19 [736kb]


adobe icon 5A20 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C20 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A21 [2Mb]


adobe icon 5C21 [3Mb]


adobe icon 5A22 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C22 [971kb]


adobe icon 5A23 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A24 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A25 [2Mb]